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Process Gas Rotary Screw Compressors

Process Gas Helical Lobe (Screw) Rotary Compressors, dry or oil-injected, according to API-619 as well as customer's specification as fully packaged compressor skids with all auxiliaries, such as oil separator, lube oil system and all instrumentation & control system, are be supplied for many applications including refrigeration or medium pressure compression system on production units. 

Process gas screw compressors have capacity and pressure capabilities between those of centrifugal and reciprocating compressors. They handle inlet volume flows up to approximately 100,000 m3/h and discharge pressures up to around 70 barg. They achieve positive displacement compression using two synchronized, helical rotors. Their smooth-running feature, relatively compact design and their tolerance to polymers formation in the casing or on rotors (unlike centrifugal or reciprocating compressors), make them an optimum solution for the following processes, especially in oil & gas production, oil refining and petrochemical processing:
• Difficult gases (dirty, polymer-forming, liquid containing, corrosive)
• Gases containing entrained liquids
• Corrosive gases
• Process that fluctuate in molecular weight, pressures and flow rates
• Low molecular weight gases
In particular, dry screw gas compressors are suitable for complex and dirty gas services, such as offshore vapor recovery, refinery flare gas recovery and petrochemical polymer forming gas, which make them an excellent choice for handling dirty gases.
The capacity and hence power control of oil-injected rotary screw compressors is achieved by means of a built-in slide valve, which automatically increases and decreases the actual suction volume and hence, the brake horsepower increases and decreases according to capacity, resulting in improved energy efficiency. Due to its design, the oil-Injected Screw Compressor has a unique feature of tremendous power savings in cases of (1) turn down operation and/or (2) suction gas pressure fluctuation.
PLS offers a wide range of dry or oil-flooded rotary screw compressors to API-619 as follows:


Dry Rotary Screw Compressor
Operating Speeds 2000 – 12000 rpm
Pressure Ratio Max 7/1
Capacity Range Max 300 – 25,000 m3 /h
Discharge Pressure 25 barA
Max Discharge Temperature 220 oC
Oil -injected Rotary Screw Compressor
Operating Speeds 1000 – 4500 rpm
Pressure Ratio Max 20/1
Capacity Range Max 200 – 1,500 m3/h
Discharge Pressure 40 barA
Max Discharge Temperature 110 oC
1. Compressors beyond the above range can be supplied upon request.
2. The data indicated above are preliminary and may change based on the compressor block manufacturer .