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P.L.S LLC can source anything from anywhere at the best possible price. As a leading Industrial equipment supplier, P.L.S LLC has excellent buying power and these SAVINGS are passed on to YOU.

With excellent product knowledge and site purchasing expertise coupled together, P.L.S LLC is a global supply source like no other. We have easy access to leading mining and Industrial equipment manufacturers regardless of their location.

The savings from Sourcing, Purchasing, Expediting and Creditor Management have a significant impact on the operating costs that use P.L.S LLC.


P.L.S LLC has the experience and attention to detail that ensures your goods are accurately received and inspected prior to shipment. This reduces the possibility of incorrect or damaged goods being delivered to site.

Our warehouse staff have an eye for technical detail and provide a thorough inspection facility that is close to the supply source. When non-confirming items are received the cost of returning them to suppliers is minimal and corrective action can be completed in a timely manner to avoid delays that can result in major downtime at operation.


We takes pride in packaging goods carefully to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition. Goods are packaged according to the nature of the goods, mode of transport, security and destination, for protection against damage or loss in transit.

Only high quality packaging materials are used by us to avoid unnecessary stoppages in delivery and the construction of crates is carefully monitored.

Logistics Managements

Our tracking system keeps you informed on the status of your order and tracks the progress of the goods from despatch to delivery through our international logistics network.

Without constant monitoring of freight, problems can arise that cause major delays. we have developed freight tracking techniques that give comfort to our customers and enables them to keep going and not worry.

Our Order Status Report provides full freight and delivery details to customers across the world and is a unique service from us.


P.L.S LLC has the expertise and logistics networks to organise freight, charters, customs clearance, insurance and all relevant documentation for added certainty of supply when and where the goods are needed. We are experienced in arranging and managing multi-modal deliveries to some of the most remote locations on Earth.

We will ensure that shipments are routed the correct way for shortest delivery time and minimum risk of hold ups in foreign ports and air ports. Using in-house knowledge and our extensive global networks we can provide delivery accuracy that is rarely demonstrated in the global industry.

If heavy machinery is required P.L.S LLC will pack and supervise the loading of containers, flat racks or charter vessels to avoid damage and delays.


One phone call, fax or email to the team at P.L.S. and your supplies are as good as there. We take full responsibility for everything, and you receive one bill from one source, saving you time and money in administration. WE DELIVER.

Our knowledge and experience in providing supply and logistics support to the different industries make P.L.S LLC a valuable asset to any successful operation.

Reliable supply chains are not readily available therefore, P.L.S. LLC can add value by ensuring the delivery of much needed equipment and parts on time every time.